ExO Recruits Charter

I. Massive Transformative Purpose
Helping build the multi-chain universe.

II. Community & Crowd
You are a part of our community if you are a current holder of an ExO Recruit or a past holder of an ExO recruit.

As a part of our community, you have the right to make use of any ExO Recruit image, in any media, worldwide, without paying us any royalty or fee of any kind. This includes ExO Recruit inscriptions that you do not have in your own wallet, provided you are a current or past holder of any ExO Recruit inscription. You can even make money from the images. The one thing you cannot do, is make your own inscriptions, NFTs, or similar digital assets that include an ExO Recruit image (even for an ExO Recruit that you have in your wallet). You also cannot permit anyone else to do this, because you do not have the right to do so. Everything else is fair game, and we want you to get out there and make use of ExO Recruits in any creative way you can imagine, like making AI videos, creating stickers, social media profile images, or something much more creative than any of these examples.

III. Engagement
The most engaged members of our community will be offered opportunities to engage with our other projects, such as the upcoming ExO Heroes. There may also be opportunities to engage with other projects that we don’t oversee. Some opportunities to participate might require you to hold a certain number of ExO Recruits, and others might be offered because you are a past holder of an ExO Recruit – this is an organic community. You are also free to engage with other ExO Recruits holders, however you wish, and help build the community.

IV. Legal Terms
This Charter is a promise by Transform DAO Foundation, the Panama-based organization that organizes the ExO Recruit and ExO Heroes project. In addition to the above, the following terms apply:

a. Our liability to you, however caused, shall be limited to $50 USD; and,
b. Offers and opportunities that we offer you as a community member can be changed or rescinded at any time, depending on demand or changes in our programs; and,
c. You agree not to bring a claim against us anywhere other than in the jurisdiction that governs this Charter and our relationship with you, which is Panama; and,
d. This Charter is the complete agreement between us, even if we describe other possibilities or make other representations outside of this Charter.